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      My hubby and I discovered that Emily squint (“tau kei ngan”) her eye lately. Eyes are moving in different direction. She just recovered from cough and mild fever. My babysitter reported that her eyes are funny during her last fever. I didn’t notice it previously until this week.

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      Above is the picture of squint eyes. She can do both Estropia and Extropia. I tested her to see whether she has eye sight problem or maybe she inherited papa’s lazy eye. I wrote a few letters, big ones on the board to have her read to me from a distance. She could read the big letters. However when I wrote mid range one, she told me she cannot read and it is blur. The funny thing is when she tried to focus on the letters, her eyes squint.

      Hrmm, I am not sure whether her sickness has something to do with it. When a child is sick, the eyes muscle may be weak and therefore causes the eye to squint. I saw some improvement as she recovered.

      Anyway, I made an appointment with the Ophthalmologist, the eye doctor. I suspect Emily may need glasses. Today she had her eye checked and bingo, she is long sighted with astiq. Long sighted in her case is not “lo far”. In her case, her eyes over focus like the picture below. Image cannot register at the retina.

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      Her preliminary result was 300 but after the eye drops that makes her pupil dilate, her reading was higher. Anyhow she was given the prescription and she has to wear glasses. After 6 months, she will have another appointment to see whether her situation improves.

      By the way, she was very excited to choose her glasses. She told me, “Mummy I want the glasses, can flip one”. What she meant was she wanted one with sunglasses attached to it. Too bad, those are only for adult. Her glasses will be ready next Thursday. She looks very elegant in her new glasses. I wonder are there any contact lenses for long sighted??

      No member in the family has long sighted but most of us are short sighted. Everyone in my family wear glasses, my parents, my bro & sis, my uncles and my aunts. Same goes for my hubby side. So why Emily is long sighted. The doc’s explanation was it is planted in the gen but Emily gets to expose it. Isn’t she unique?

      She looks Cool!

      Read what my notebook did to my eyes or brain. Click here.

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    13 Responses to “The Squint”

    1. I’m not sure if it’s in gene. Both my parents n grandparents do not require any glasses but me n brothers need glasses. Can the condition improved after wearing glasses ?

    2. Magictree said on

      Woa…300 for a start is high! No1 is short sighted..must be in the genes cos all my family members except my mom wear glasses and also my hubby’s side.

    3. according to findings, long sighted will improve over the time, unlike short sighted.

    4. michelle said on

      Alicia: Yes she can improve but will not be 100% corrected. Looks like she has to wear glasses for a long time.

    5. aiyo… so young got to put on glasses lioa…

    6. aww .. poor thing. need to start wearing glasses at such a tender age.

    7. ai at least u got the solution now.. wear glasses better than not knowing what is happening to her eyes.

    8. michelle said on

      Angeleyes and BlurryLeo:Wearing glasses is not a bad thing. If it helps her eyes to improve.

      sasha:Yeah, totally agree.

    9. these days it seems so common for little children to start wearing glasses at a young age.

      Good that her babysitter is rather observant.

    10. Good thing was u found out the problem and solving it early.

      Mich, did Emily complain about headaches or pain in the eyes or when she watch TV, did she watch from one side (like she would turn her to the left/right a little) or strain her eyes?

    11. Never mindlar, when she’s a little bigger, can wear contact lenses, colored ones somemore! If you allow it, she can even go for Lasik!

    12. I didn’t check Jona eyes but, his eyes doesn’t seem to be balance too, but, so far, he never has problem reading….mmmmm….

    13. Hope her eyesight can be corrected with early detection.