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    • Looking Through Her Glasses And Hearing Through His Ears

      Just as I was complaining about fogging and I received news that my nanny and her son were admitted due to dengue. Oh well, thanks to my FIL and MIL who helped us to take care of things.

      Emily got her glasses and she was willing to wear it. I tried to help her feel unconscious of it. She is excited over it as she kept asking me when it is ready.
      I received a lot of comments like “She is so young, why she is wearing glasses?” when people saw her wearing glasses. One funny question I had was “How come she is long sighted and not short sighted?” I wished I knew the answer. Anyway I like what one of the parents said, let her watch TV, maybe it can help improve her long sighted.

      If you see a child wearing glasses, please do not make any funny remarks in front of her or ask her, why she is wearing glasses. It can be real sensitive to the child. Today, she told me that she didn’t want to wear her glasses to school. I guess she didn’t want her friends to say funny things to her. Anyway I told her that she looks pretty in it and asked her not to worry about it. She does look good it in. Maybe I will get another pair with the sunnies. It will be real cool.

      As for Tim, he had sports day today but he didn’t tell me that. He was in uniform until another mom told me while I was asking her about something else on the phone. I had to bring his track pants and sport shirt for him to change. His school has a real bad communication system. The teacher will instruct the children. When the message is passed, it is either lost or half of the info.

      I suggested to the school head that it is better to ask the child to copy down the instruction in a message book for us parents to see. He seems to agree and told me he will let the school teachers know. I am not the only parent who is facing this problem. I believed I need to teach Timothy to improve his Bahasa Malaysia so that he can carry back the full message back. He can read BM but most of the time, he doesn’t understand the words. Any ideas how I can improve his BM?

      *second time I am writing this post, a little geram with my itchy finger which deleted the post before Google can cache it* 🙁

      Published on April 13, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    10 Responses to “Looking Through Her Glasses And Hearing Through His Ears”

    1. Emily looks so pretty n sweet with her glasses on! 😀

      I am tired of hearing people commenting on my 4.5yo wearing glasses. When they say, “So small, wear glasses already.” I just smile. Some even told me that the power will go higher. What an encouragement!

    2. Maybe you and your hubby can speak to Tim in BM everyday… for several hours a day? Or let them watch TV. My gals’ BM has improved ever since they watched Astro Ria.

    3. she looks pretty with glasses :).

      Why not let him read some malay newspaper, then tell you back what he read or you do the reading and then he tell you what he catches

    4. hmm i noticed samuel oso speak bm but doesnt really fully understand what hes toking
      sometimes samuel’s school teacher will ask the children to bring certain things and samuel has nvr inform us anything, there’s once he told us but it was actually last term msg!

    5. so cute the photo. Michelle, how do u do that?

    6. she look good with the specs ler. Yeah i know many ppl esp chinese likes to make comments about ppls. Why ah ?

    7. michelle said on

      Chinnee: I used my iPhone to do this. Using a software called FastSketch.

      Sasha: I also donno. :rolleyes:

    8. ya, she look good with specs.

    9. She looks pretty with glasses. So ‘see man’.
      I usually jes ignore my girl’s msgs from sch. Coz I expect the teachers to put them in the comm book. I think she’s too young to pass msgs.

    10. Next time I’ll remember not to comment.