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    • TV Not Included

      I wonder who will expect a TV to be in this small box of game. It will be cool if TV is included with the price of RM420.00.

      Published on April 16, 2009 · Filed under: Toys;

    9 Responses to “TV Not Included”

    1. cool games…..

    2. haha u dunno ah.. some ppl will argue and argue just about anything. so gotto list down otherwise if kena with the customer that likes to argue for everything then habis la..

    3. so funny the way they stated it..HAHAHA!!

    4. haha…so did u buy :p

    5. like sasha said, maybe they kena before! hahah

    6. michelle said on

      Jazzmint: Nope. I would have bought if TV is included. :giggles:

    7. You bought it!!! I’m still considering whether to buy it or not….mmm…tough and hard decision….whether Jona will stick himself like glue to the TV… about Tim? What make you decide to purchase for him??

    8. michelle said on

      Mamajo: I didn’t get it.

    9. Nowadays you see more and more of these kind of disclaimers. You never know, people are getting more litigatious by the day.