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      Mummy, I will miss you. Guess who said that?

      You probably think it is Emily but it came out of Tim’s mouth. I was surprised but at the same time felt touched or in Cantonese “gum thong”. How often will you hear a boy or a man say that? Probability is very low. I will enjoy this while I can.

      Emily has a different way of showing affection. She will hug me or kiss me on my cheeks. Tim will do less of that on his own. Only when I asked him to do, he will do it. That is why I am surprised he told me that he miss me. I believed boys and girls have different ways of showing affection. One does it by words and the other does it by actions.

      Published on April 18, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    9 Responses to “The Differences”

    1. nice to hear tis rite… samuel used to tell me I love you mummy before bed or mummy i wanna hug you…. but he hardly say this now 🙁

    2. Magictree said on

      That’s what my boys always say to me…so I guess it must be the boys’ way of expressing their affection.

    3. So far, Isaac will say it every night before or during sleep(!!!), haha…with eyes close….and for Jona, he will still say it but, a bit shy and always like me to hug him…guess, my 2 boys still not grow up yet..

    4. Very nice photo of your kids. How did you do that?

    5. vyktore is still very affectionate and loves all that hugging n kissing at 3. I do hope that won’t be lost soon

    6. michelle said on

      health freak: I used a software called Fast Sketch on the iPhone to do this.

    7. I think when the boys are bigger then they have difficulties expressing? Darrius is still very expressive especially towards me.

    8. I think it doesn’t matter how they express themselves as long as they do it sincerely right.

    9. I think every child has a different way of showing affection…

      Make sure Tim remain sensitive.. good for his future wife. 😛