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      My hubby took Tim and Emily to visit the Pisa stadium swimming pool. He captured their pictures and updated it with captions. Tim and Emily sent this to me through email.

      Tim: My hobby is swimming.

      Emily: I love to go to swimming pool. I want to use my arm float.

      Where was I? I was in KL shopping and spending time with my parents. I have lots of annual leaves to kill. I even bumped into a blogger, guess who?

      Published on April 20, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    17 Responses to “Pisa Pool”

    1. ooh dats nice shopping in kl while spend some time wif parents

    2. wah, shopping in KL again and leave the kids to nice

    3. wow, hard to guess la 🙂

    4. Definitely is not ME. 😆

      I thought u come KL for biz trip ler. 😛

    5. ya.. hard to guess.. but I guess definitely not me. hehe.

    6. KL got lots of blogger mommys one wor .. how to guess? Like needle in haystick lah.

    7. Magictree said on

      Not me either!!!

    8. michelle said on

      FamilyFirst: You are right. She is a parenting blogger. I am waiting for her to comment here. 😛

      Another hint: Her son likes to hold a Thomas train everywhere he goes.

    9. they are soooo TALL!

    10. hahha.. sasha a?

    11. michelle said on

      Chooi Peng: The hint is that obvious, hah?

    12. memang syiok lah u…go shopping in kl and dump the kids with daddy

    13. Not me either cos mine’s a girl and she doesn’t like Thomas the train *heehee*. Should be Sasha.

    14. hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaahhahahahhahahahahaaha

    15. You are lucky, hubby can take care of the kids so well while you go and enjoy yourself. Envious!
      You bumped into Sasha?

    16. LOL Everyone hit jackpot after u gave the hint.

    17. Wah so nice to have a shopping holiday while your hubby minds the children.