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    • Incredible Treat

      Look what I saw in the LCCT Airport.

      I was so tempted to get this for my children but it cost RM49.90. It is not value for money. However I snapped a picture for them to see. By the way, the giant lollipop is not entirely candy. It probably takes forever to finish it. It is just a wrapped round box with normal size lollipop inside.

      I missed the Sarsi flavored lollipop. Anyone knows where I can get those. I used to get it from primary school junk food stall. I wonder do they produce it any more. Any parents see it in their children’s junk food stalls?

      Published on April 21, 2009 · Filed under: Candy;

    11 Responses to “Incredible Treat”

    1. Wow! Soooo many lollipops! A kid’s dream to have them. I showed Des the pic and asked her whether she wants or not. Her response was “Wah! Eat until I got no teeth lor!”

      Yaya, missed those Sarsi lollipops too. There’re Sarsi sweets but lollipops? No wor.

    2. i still able to see sarsi flavour here ler…next time I send some to you! 😆

    3. Sarsi flavor? Now you really got me thinking, I always long time never see one…

    4. michelle said on

      Jess: Please send. :P~~~~

    5. i thought i saw somewhere got sarsi…lupa where liau…

    6. i love sarsi.. i love sarsi…

    7. mmm..yeah, some with cola flavour too!! How sweet our childhood right? But nowadays, I dare not let my kids eat esp those lolipop except organic lolipop ~ with differ kind of flavour too…you should try it 😛

    8. I thot the blue wrapper Chupa Chups lollipop is Sarsi flavour. But after reading some comments here, I think it’s Cola? Hmmm… not too sure.

    9. RM49.90 for lollypops.. too expensive.

      Don’t remember Sarsi flavor.

    10. Hmm I dun deli favor lollis but if I’m going to get will buy yogurt flavour type

    11. wah got sarsi flavour one meh??i’m never a fan of lollis