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    • Feeding The Animals

      During the school holidays in last March, I brought my family to Bukit Merah. There was an Eco Park where we can feed the animals. Animal foods were available for the children to feed the hamsters, rabbits, mice, tortoise and fish. There was a feeding area for us to go near the rabbits. However there were so many people feeding the animals, the animals were not interested in our food. I had left over bread, some vegetables and lots of fish food.

      We walked to another area where the deer, birds and a pond of fish. I decided to throw some bread, the deer and birds were interested in my bread. When my children saw it, they started throwing bread and they were excited seeing the animals eating the food. Eventually we ran out of food. Later my children fed the deer with huge leaves. The deer approach us very near to eat those leaves. Emily and Timothy pat it. They were excited and almost tearing every leaves there to feed them.

      Later we went out of the Eco Park but my children still would like to feed animals. I bought some more bread and they threw it to the ducks. Ended up a huge crowd of ducks came to catch the bread. Wow, those animals must be under fed. My children had a good time and told me to get more bread next time to feed the animals. Yeah, mummy will buy a few loaves of bread for them.

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    6 Responses to “Feeding The Animals”

    1. Feeding animals is fun and to see children loving the animals is more fun.

    2. oh these animals never eaten white bread before. 😛

    3. i prefer a famosa than bkt merah coz there is nothing there only flies all over the coffe house.. 🙂

    4. I really wish one day, my hubby will bring me and my kids there….just to see the Eco park

    5. michelle said on

      Wen: Bukit Merah is the nearest for us although it is not the best.

    6. My kids have never fed animals before. I’m sure they will really love it if I bring them to Bukit Merah one day.