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    • First Sports Day

      Timothy has his first sports day and we were invited. I really don’t remember my parents ever attending my sports day as they were busy people. Tim’s school was really efficient by the way they run their sports day.

      First, std 1 to 3 has a separate sports day during school days. It doesn’t make a different for me because Timothy didn’t participate as only limited children were chosen. I believed he didn’t volunteer himself. On the sports day itself, only std 3 to 6 were competing. They had track running and some telematches.

      Secondly, events were held together to save time. The price giving was done while the track field running was going on.

      The weather on that day was good, not too hot. They provided a nice big tent for the parents/visitors to sit. However they put the VIP in the first row, they were not very good seats as the sun was directing the rays on them. I had a nice seat where the fan was blowing. Kind of cool for me.

      We decided to leave early before they catch us to do the parents event. They made a couple of announcement to request parents to join.

      No medal this year for Tim, oh well we will wait for next year when he volunteer himself. He got long legs, should run pretty fast.

      Published on April 26, 2009 · Filed under: Special Day Event;

    8 Responses to “First Sports Day”

    1. yup..Tim got long legs…should be able to train and be a good in sports…

    2. Yeah his legs r pretty long n will make him run faster

    3. yeah, long legs can run faster! hope he will be a good athlete next time!

    4. Yeah, I remember during my sport day(long time ago), no parents are invited…..We just enjoy ourselves…hehe….
      It is really nice to see the school invite parent to join….

    5. my parents never attend anything durin gmy sch days.

    6. Long legs can be a good basketballer too! Is he the one in yellow shirt in front?

    7. michelle said on

      Health Freak:Nope, he didn’t participate this year.

    8. You should have volunteered to join the parent event, then tim will learn from you and volunteer himself next time. Hehe