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      I had a German visitor last week. Before he came, he messaged me to prepare his visit. Oh well, I took the opportunity to ask him to bring some German chocolates. I adore German chocolates as they have alcohol or liquor in it. It is much creamier and melts in your mouth.

      He didn’t just bring one bar of chocolate, he brought a bunch. How lovely of him. Our team certainly enjoys it. When we left the meeting room, there were only a few left. Even that didn’t last very long.

      Hehehe…I ate so much of it and I believed I need some acne treatments to recover.

      Published on April 28, 2009 · Filed under: Food;
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    One Response to “German Chocolates”

    1. first time i tried german chocolate with liquor when my german lecture bought to class. it was heaven for me! hahaha.