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    • A Night Visitor

      April 10, 2009

      Yesterday we returned home from church prayer meeting. Tim and papa were washing their feet at the garden because Tim stepped on dirty water. I took the keys to open the front door. Emily likes to open the door after it is unlocked by me. She stepped inside while I switched on the lights. I carried some stuff in the kitchen and later Emily ran into the kitchen followed by Tim. I turned back and saw a centipede running in the opposite direction.

      It is funny and I wished I have a camera to capture that. I believed the centipede and my children were as afraid of each other, running in opposite direction.

      Papa was quick, got a broom and whacked it into pieces. Centipede can sting people if we are not careful. Sorry centipede, just to protect the children, we have to let you go.

      After that, I saw my children with pillows cover over themselves, hiding on the sofa. Of cause, we parents never give up the golden opportunity to tell them, not to dirty the floor when eating or playing else bugs will come in to live with them. :giggles:

      I guess the centipede came to our house for shelter because it rained the whole day yesterday.

    • Wrong Timing

      April 8, 2009

      Ever since my son started school, I decided to cook dinner more frequently. Previously it was only my hubby and I eating, so we eat out more often. Now since Tim is joining us, I cooked for the family. Emily eats at the nanny’s place.

      I will cook the soup in a crook pot during my lunch time. By the time, I come home the soup will be ready. Yeah, we Cantonese must have soup for our meal. I will just make a meat dish and a vege dish. It is just enough for the three of us. Home cook meal is always the best. By the way, I have ample supply of long green bean because of what my FIL started outside the house. We have so much until we give our neighbor’s some. They love it and asked us for the seed to plant even more. Hehehe…who knows, later the entire stretch of the road is long green bean plants. :giggles:

      I was a little frustrated because yesterday and the day before, the fogging guys came while I was cooking dinner. They were fogging our area because I heard there is a dengue case in our taman. Of all time, they have to pick the time while I am cooking. Ooh, there is no warning about the fogging.

      Imagine this, I was cooking at my back yard (wet kitchen) and stir frying my chicken. Suddenly I heard a sound from far. I had to quickly move my pan to my stove inside, my kicap-kiacap, plates and etc, close the door within 1 minute. I have to close both sides because they fog back and front. I had to cover any exposed food. If I knew they were fogging, I could have just taken my family out for dinner.

      They fogged until my whole house was cover with smoke, literary cannot see my gate at all. Only the kitchen is visible and not smoky because I close the door. Thank goodness, it was also rainy yesterday so that after the fogging, I can open all my doors for fresh air. I really hate it when they do that, coming at the wrong time!

      Now a days I get easily frustrated, maybe too much work in the office. Sigh with economy downturn, people get chopped and the left over work is passed to the people left behind. Looking at Vegas vacations, I do need one now!

    • The Squint

      April 3, 2009

      My hubby and I discovered that Emily squint (“tau kei ngan”) her eye lately. Eyes are moving in different direction. She just recovered from cough and mild fever. My babysitter reported that her eyes are funny during her last fever. I didn’t notice it previously until this week.

      Pic Credit:

      Above is the picture of squint eyes. She can do both Estropia and Extropia. I tested her to see whether she has eye sight problem or maybe she inherited papa’s lazy eye. I wrote a few letters, big ones on the board to have her read to me from a distance. She could read the big letters. However when I wrote mid range one, she told me she cannot read and it is blur. The funny thing is when she tried to focus on the letters, her eyes squint.

      Hrmm, I am not sure whether her sickness has something to do with it. When a child is sick, the eyes muscle may be weak and therefore causes the eye to squint. I saw some improvement as she recovered.

      Anyway, I made an appointment with the Ophthalmologist, the eye doctor. I suspect Emily may need glasses. Today she had her eye checked and bingo, she is long sighted with astiq. Long sighted in her case is not “lo far”. In her case, her eyes over focus like the picture below. Image cannot register at the retina.

      Pic Credit:

      Her preliminary result was 300 but after the eye drops that makes her pupil dilate, her reading was higher. Anyhow she was given the prescription and she has to wear glasses. After 6 months, she will have another appointment to see whether her situation improves.

      By the way, she was very excited to choose her glasses. She told me, “Mummy I want the glasses, can flip one”. What she meant was she wanted one with sunglasses attached to it. Too bad, those are only for adult. Her glasses will be ready next Thursday. She looks very elegant in her new glasses. I wonder are there any contact lenses for long sighted??

      No member in the family has long sighted but most of us are short sighted. Everyone in my family wear glasses, my parents, my bro & sis, my uncles and my aunts. Same goes for my hubby side. So why Emily is long sighted. The doc’s explanation was it is planted in the gen but Emily gets to expose it. Isn’t she unique?

      She looks Cool!

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