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      Mothers do not have Labor Day holiday per say. We still have to take care of our kids when we are off from work. Remember the time I took off and went down to KL for a shopping spree, maybe that was Labor Day for me. Anyway, now it is my hubby’s turn, he went down to KL for a mission conference for 3N/4D. I am home alone with the kids. He is back now.

      Labor Day was a day well spent with the kids. First we went to have morning breakfast at indoor mamak café. Each has a roti canai. Timothy likes it with curry and Emily likes it with sugar. She started to take curry but still see her spicy face after eating it. I had my ice milk tea in mamak style. Both of them shared a syrup lime. Next we went to do some groceries shopping in Giant, which I have no clue that there was a sale going on. A few items were on sale but needs to purchase in carton. I got some stuff to cook lunch for them. My children wanted pasta and pasta, they shall have.

      After their nap, they wanted to go to an indoor playground in Queensbay mall. We don’t have that many good indoor playgrounds as compare to KL. They played more than an hour and all sweaty. Queensbay mall was really packed with people during labor day but not as bad as MidValley KL. I hate the way, they blocked certain path to the carpark, forcing folks to go down and jam up the parking lot. Of coz, I was smart enough to take a longer route to go up.

      Of coz, there was this crazy car with plate number KL XX. While I was queuing to go into the car park, he cut into my lane with no signal. “Nevermind”, I said. There were 2 lanes. As I approached nearer, I found that the left lane was going up to the indoor carpark and right lane was going into the open car park. I signaled to move to the left lane and was quite successful. The KL plate car tried to get very close to me wanting to cut in front of me. I really hate people who do that. It was a bumper to bumper queue. However my lane move faster and he missed cutting in. He was trying to go left and right, not sure what he was doing. I didn’t let him through. Fortunately another car cut in front of him and he was way at the back as our lane move faster. I mean how fast you can get by cutting into people lane, such inconsiderate driver. Another thing, I bet he got stuck in the parking jam because many were force to go to lower floors. I managed to sneak to the upper floors with plenty of parking space.

      After the kids enjoyed the playground, we did a little shopping at Jusco. They were having some sale. I got some items. My children saw me carrying so many stuff, they offered to help me carry. I was surprised by their gesture.

      I felt happy and rewarded them with going to ToysRus, their favorite shop. It must be the economy downturn, a lot of toys were going for 30-50% discount for members. Timothy spotted some Lego going for 40% discount. It was really cheap and I got him a set.

      Last stop, we headed for Borders bookstore to read some books. Of coz, not forgetting has a nice supper at Starbucks. My children just love the atmosphere there and I can surf the net with my iPhone while they enjoy their cakes.

      Tim: Mummy, I miss papa

      Mummy: Ooh, you want me to put you on a plane to KL, to see papa.

      Tim: No.

      Mummy: Emily, do you miss papa?

      Emily: If I say I miss papa, you cannot say send me to KL on a plane, ok?

      Mummy: Ok. :giggles:

      Emily: Yes.

      Published on May 4, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Labor Day”

    1. hehee looks like emily prefer to stay wif u instead

    2. labor day no rest? haha…mother day also no rest la…

    3. Nice lego set. I saw some lego on 30% on toy’s r us the other day too, but didn’t get any for Shern though because i know in less than a week, half the lego will disappear. Maybe when he’s a little older la.

    4. Mothers never get to rest, eh? Smart girl, Emily!

    5. so relax and enjoying… be in Starbucks surfing without any disturb!

    6. clever Emily, knows how to say that. 😛
      Not bad man, you can go shopping alone with them.. but then your kids are older.

    7. why they dont want u to put them on plane a?