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    • Oh Boy

      *contain unattractive pictures*

      Tim got a bad rash since last Wednesday. He came home with rash on the face and legs. I suspect he ate something that he was allergic too. Up to this day, I am not sure what. Anyway, I applied calamine lotion to ease his itch and monitor him, hoping it will go away.

      A few days after that, it seems to look better. However on Sunday night, it becomes worst and Monday, it starts to spread to the hand. His primary teacher called to ask us to take him home from school, she was afraid that he has chicken pox. My hubby did tell her that it is rash and not contagious.

      No choice, I had to take him to the clinic. The doctor prescribed some antihistamine (Zyrtec). Hydrocortisone cream (a steroid used to reduce inflammation) and anti-itch medicine. The cream is to be used sparingly. Well his condition is very bad that I need to use this cream. Today he looks much better.

      The doctor gave Zyrtec pill and Tim never learnt how to swallow a pill before. He was terrible at it. He kept it in the mouth until it dissolve and finally swallows it. The next course, I had to make it into powder form and add a little water for him to take it. I also prepare some tic-tac for him to get rid of the bitter taste.

      I remember my mom gave me “kar in chee” after I eat medicine. I still love it, not the medicine but the kar in chee.

      Published on May 5, 2009 · Filed under: Timothy;

    19 Responses to “Oh Boy”

    1. I remember during my time kena this, my mom apply white wine onto my affected area and it work! However I never try on my girls, just took them to c dr..:P

    2. Opps, get well soon Tim!

    3. wish tim a speedy recovery…
      sure itch like mad…:(

    4. oh dear… is kind a serious lei … get well soon tim …

    5. Gosh, it looks bad. If it’s not healing soon, consult a skin doctor ok?

    6. oh man.. his hands look really bad. The rash looks the same as Zara’s.

      Just hope they get well soon.

      Btw, I think the heat also aggrevate things.

    7. michelle said on

      Jess: That’s tradition method but I heard that alcohol may not be good for the skin as it dehydrate it.

      ZMM: That’s the legs. Hands very few spot and none in the body. A little strange.

    8. Oh Poor Tim. He must be feeling very miserable.
      I just heard from someone an old remedy for rash. Use Chinese tea that has been brewed and thickened overnight, and wipe all over the skin. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds harmless enough to try.

      Hope his rashes go away soon.

    9. when i was young, my mom would use the kemenyan or joystick and smoke the rash area.

      now, modern people dont do that anymore.

    10. oh dear, is it very itchy? hope it will go away soon!

    11.’s josstick. hehe

    12. Magictree said on

      Looks really bad. Hope he’ll have a speedy recovery. I think the Zyrtec and hydrocort should help if it is just allergy.Wah..what exactly did he eat until so ‘dut’ (poisonous)

    13. michelle said on

      Magictree: I have no clue. Last time he got a mild attack was he went to Cameron. My guess was the water he bath with.

      However, this round, I suspect something he ate but donno what it is.

    14. its really bad!!! hope its not a bad allergy! are u still finding out what he ate? better try to find out again coz u can get him to avoid it.. cld it be egg?

    15. gosh tis look bad! hope he is much better now

    16. wow the rash looks teruk!! hope he’s better now

    17. the rashes look so terrible! hope he is better now…

    18. Mamajo said on

      Wow, it look bad..But, I remember once you got it, the second time, you got it, it will be serious. Previously, I have got rash(not sure due to what), and second time, I get it, both my eyes swollen till I need a jab….

    19. Oh dear, it sure looks bad. Hope Tim’s better now.