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      I must say that my children has blossom or grown up. At this age, there are many things that they can do on their own. I do not have to be with them all the time like when they were babies.

      Knowing me, I love to sleep in especially on a holiday or weekend. Tim will wake up first, he is an early bird. He will go and brush his teeth, either go down stairs to watch cartoon or go to the play room. If he is hungry, he will go down stairs to the kitchen and grab some biscuits from the cookie jar.

      Emily will wake up next, she will go to brush her teeth and join Tim in the playroom. Yeap, mummy wakes up last because mummy is a late bird. By the way, they spend an hour playing with each other in the room.

      They can do a lot on their own and here are some of the things. I guess having no maid help a lot because they do the things themselves.

      • They can eat by themselves. Emily needs some help if the food is not to her liking.
      • They can bath by themselves. They like to bath in cold water except for rainy days that I need to switch on the heater for them.
      • They can wash their own school shoes.
      • They can help themselves in the toilet if they want to do big or small business.
      • They can help themselves with switching on the TV or video player while I am cooking.
      • Tim can pack his own school bag and does his homework. He still needs a lot of help with BM.
      • They can put away their toys but with constant reminders.
      • They can sleep by themselves when lights out. Sometimes when papa put them to sleep, they bully papa by asking him to be in the room. As for me, when I leave the room, they sleep.

      Now you know why, even without a maid, either me or my hubby can take care of them. They are a lovely pair of children, just precious!

      Please slow down, I still want to enjoy their development a little longer.

      Published on May 7, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    15 Responses to “Blossom”

    1. same here, my son is an early bird and both hubby and i are late birds! but i still need to watch the kids too.

    2. i think now is a right time to let jo washes his own shoes and bag.

      you’re blessed la, can be the late bird!

    3. u’re blessed with 2 very good kids!

    4. well, both of u taught them well. as for mine…all call “Kakak!!!” maid really spoil them. 🙁

    5. You really taught them well. I guess without maid helps a lot in letting them to be independent. I still have to feed the two little terrors. Waiting for them to feed themselves will take a loooooong time. Hopefully they will be more independent when the 3rd baby is out 🙂 .

    6. Both your kids are very independent la. You must be very proud of them I’m sure.
      Sometimes I think having a maid around will only make the kids lazy, but as for me, without maid, cannot survive a week with the house chores. Too bad.

    7. Now my gal is 3 years old, I also feel more relax. Especially when go travelling, no need to bring so many things.

    8. yeah, that’s the best part of NOT having maid! The kids can be so independent now….

    9. syiok lah u….i dunno when i can enjoy this kinda life

    10. u r good! u train them well and your kids are good and organized! how i wish my eldest girl would have the same attitude. once she wakes up, she’d on the tv without remembering to brush her teeth or have breakfast! ….. sigh…..even i’ve reminded her thousands of times!

    11. michelle said on

      Jacelyn: Maybe explain to her consequences of not having her teeth brush or showing her tooth decay pictures. It will help her to remember.

    12. wow… u r such great trainer!! how i wish i could train or guide both my kids like yours.

    13. we still need to bath my son… anyway its us to blame we nvr train him :p
      both ur kids r great!! happy mother’s day to u!

    14. Mamajo said on

      I truly agree with you…..It is fun to manage them all by ourselves with help from hubby…Without maid is a blessing too….of course, not the housework lar…haha

    15. That’s nice.. give you a lot of time back..

      I’m waiting for my turn.