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      After I sent my children to bed, I went on to do my own things in the study room. I heard little footsteps coming down from the stairs. It is either Tim or Emily. She didn’t come to the study room but she was doing something outside for 5 minutes. I was wonder what she was doing outside.

      I opened the door and her sad face greeted me. I asked her why.

      Emily: I lost the Happy Mother’s Day card.

      Little did she know that I took it out from her bag. I showed her that the card was on my table. Her disappointment look had changed to a big smile and she showed me what was inside the card….a 3 in 1 coffee mix.

      How sweet! I gave her hug and she went back upstairs to sleep.

      It was not the card or the 3 in 1 coffee mix. It is that she remembered the gift she made for me and wanted to give me a surprise even though she was about to sleep.

      Why did I take it out from her bag? Because I wanted to take a picture of it to put on my blog. I was hoping to put it back so that she can surprise me the next morning. Opps! Sorry gal for spoiling your surprise.

      Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there. I hope you get your surprise too! Mom, your surprise will be arriving in June.

      Published on May 8, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    18 Responses to “A BIG SMILE”

    1. So sweet, got coffee. 🙂
      I’ve almost forgotten about Mother’s Day until I read so much about it from various blogs these 2 days. They don’t celebrate Mother’s Day in May here…

    2. Happy Mother’s Day.

    3. wah very nice…i only get from vyktore this year cause faythe been sick and out of school for 3 days 🙁

    4. dats very nice! n with coffee, tis is special

    5. Happy Mother’s Day To You.

    6. Happy Mother’s Day to you… 🙂

    7. Happy Mothers’ Day to you.

    8. very nice mother’s day card … definitely melt your heart when u see it, no wonder u want to take a picture to share with us … too cute.

    9. so sweet of her!!!

    10. How sweet! Did Emily do the card herself? Really good, and somemore she knows your favourite drink. Am I rite?

    11. 3 in 1 coffee mix, wow, special!
      happy belated mother’s day to you!

    12. michelle said on

      Jaceyln: I can’t drink coffee but it is the thot that counts. 😉

    13. Mamajo said on

      How special the kindy can thought of giving coffee instead of traditional way of giving flower……so sweet of Emily…..

    14. Happy Mother’s Day to you! I could be wrong but I *think* I know what you you got for your Mom. 🙂

    15. Nice card and I think she wants you to take a break in this special day from all housework. 🙂 Belated Happy Mother’s Day!

    16. geee…so cute. i love that table cloth on that card 🙂

    17. she knows you like 3in1 coffee? So sweet.

    18. So nice of her!