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    • Toilet Bowl Fun

      Would you eat from a toilet bowl? I believed not. On mother’s day, we went to TBowl restaurant where almost everything is in toilet bowl. Chairs are toilet bowl and table are sinks with a glass top. Food served is in the toilet bowl. The taste of the food was not bad but nothing special. The only thing that is special about this place is the toilet bowl deco concept.

      Tim wanted to order ice-cream that was shaped like a piece of shit. Sorry no pictures as I ordered banana split instead. And thank goodness, my drinks came in normal glass.

      I saw a lady who couldn’t accept this concept. She asked the waitress to remove the toilet bowl. It was a hot soup noodle and after many tries, the waitress failed. In the end, she had no choice but ate from it.

      If you are down in Penang, you must try this.

      Flowers from hubby & children:

      Published on May 13, 2009 · Filed under: Food;

    15 Responses to “Toilet Bowl Fun”

    1. Is this the one at Gurvey Plaza?

    2. Magictree said on

      Interesting…but I doubt I can ‘enjoy’ my food looking at the toilet bowls!!!

    3. michelle said on

      ShoppingMum:It is in Queensbay Mall near the cinema.

    4. wow, really special…but i don’t think i can enjoy my food which served in toilet bowl. don’t know why, i would relate this toilet bowl to those public toilet bowl, yikes..

    5. haha i saw this before

    6. next trip be more adventurous ok? order the ice-cream dat looks like shit…i wanna see it. 😆

    7. Nuh-uh…no can do. This is just not my cup of tea. LOL

    8. Hey, that’s so fun…hahaha! Must be weird having to eat from toilet bowl. Thougts of the real shit may pop up anytime during meal…:P

      Nice Flowers! They are so sweet.

    9. this is really cute. must go visit next round to penang!

    10. I think the kids must be very excited when see all these funny & cute stuff! 🙂

    11. ehh.. this is interesting, must go n try when i go down to penang.

    12. Read about this somewhere before too, interesting concept.

    13. Eeeyer, the owner of the restaurant must be crazy lar! I would really love to see the ice cream that looks like poop!

    14. So fast it came to Penang already? You are lucky…haha..otherwise, just to eat from toilet bowl, you need to fly to Taiwan :)….I just miss it

    15. what did you order to get the 1st pix.. of underseaworld toilet cover?

      So shouldn’t order chocolate cake (poo), or orange juice (pee), or oat (vomit)? Hehe.