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    • Teachers’ Appreciation Day

      Do you know Teacher’s Day is this Saturday 16th May? Happy Teacher’s Day if you are a teacher.

      I remembered when I was in primary school, some of us will go buy stalks of roses for the teachers. My school is near a wet market which is now Lot 10. The seller will wrap it nicely for us individually.

      Today, Tim is having a Happy Teacher’s Day celebration and Emily will have it tomorrow. Timothy wanted to make cards for his teacher. I helped him along. The thing with cards is nobody wants to keep them. I decided to make something special with Tim’s help so that the teacher will keep it. I decided to make a Japanese Doll card which I learnt a few months back from a sheet of instruction. It is very simple to do if you have the hand of origami.

      I had to make 8 cards because Tim does have a lot of teachers from BM&Maths, English&Science, Seni Visual, Jasmani, Chinese, Moral and Singing class. I made extra 2 for Emily’s teacher.

      This is a busy week for me. Besides making cards, I had to tutor Timothy and prepare him for his exam next week. He is fine with Maths , Science and English but have problem in Bahasa Malaysia and Moral. Oh well, BM is not his forte. It is difficult to make him remember BM words. Now I have to read a BM story with him every night. He has no problem reading BM but he just doesn’t understand what he reads. Yeap, I tried to speak BM with him too. Hopefully he will pick up BM someday and I know he will.

      Seriously I don’t remember my parents tutoring me in any of my subjects. I never attended any tuition in primary. Times have changed. However I must thank all the teachers who taught me and instill good principles in me. Now do something to appreciate the teachers that are teaching your children.

      Published on May 14, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    11 Responses to “Teachers’ Appreciation Day”

    1. esther said on

      so nice and lovely artwork…can share how you make the japanese doll 🙂

    2. michelle said on

      Ester: Sure I will blog about it someday.

    3. yaya i oso wanna know how to make the jap doll !! din noe its teacher’s day tomoro hahahah

    4. wah very nice lehh…

      we made the teachers worked vy hard during form 4 teachers day LOL

    5. Magictree said on

      You are really good in craft ya! Dunno why my boys school has not notice on Teachers Day celebration this year!

    6. nice craft, sure the teachers love it!

    7. You are really good with your hands, yeah. Always see you making handicrafts.

    8. The teachers must be vy happy to receive such nice n personalised gifts from Tim n Em. Good luck to Tim for his exam!

    9. very very nice card…if I am their teacher, sure keep it…

      Their teachers are soooo blessed with such a beautiful cards…

    10. thats very nice card. U should teach us how to make it 🙂

    11. Zara too is finding it very hard to remember Malay words. It took us like 2hrs to get her to remember what Saya, Kawan, Suka mean.

      She said, “I’m not Malay, that’s why I don’t know Malay.” when I asked her why is it so difficult for her to remember 3 words.

      I think for all our kids, probably need Malay tiution the most.