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    • Beware of Mosquitoes

      My area is prone to mosquitoes and I am not sure why. Maybe clogged drains or maybe it is the rainy weather. I suspect there are a lot of cases of Dengue in my area too. The foggers are coming very frequent to fog. They come with bazooka smoke guns. My neighbor’s children have Dengue and I am very worried but all of them recover speedily. Thank goodness.

      Last Saturday when I was returning home with Emily after her music class, Timothy rang my iPhone and Emily answered. She turned on the speaker. Timothy was shouting.

      Tim: Mummy, faster come back and rescue us. The mosquito men are coming! *He meant the foggers*

      Ok, I was like 2 minutes away and managed to pick him and papa up so that they don’t covered with mosquito spray. Papa opened all windows so that the house is fogged thoroughly, inside out.

      After dinner about a few hours, we returned home. Guess what? We still see a few mosquitos flying here and there. Looks like the spray didn’t helped at all. I wonder whether the mosquito was immune to the chemical used. Sigh, better used our own spray.

      Today the inspectors came to our place to check. He found nothing but he told us many cases of Dengue around our area. It must be bad. For me, maybe the best thing to do is to build up the immune system of my children. Papa got the roll on mosquito repellent for them to apply to the skin. It helps.

      By the way, now both Emily and Timothy have rashes. The rashes are reducing but didn’t disappear. I thought was dust mites or bed bugs but the doctor ruled that out from the look of the rash. She said it could be something they ate or some chemical.

      Papa suspected the chemical from the foggers. Well the doctor prescribed better anti-histamine called Aerius. She also asked us to apply moisturizer on their skin because the dryness may cause itchiness. I purchased Cetaphil moisturizer for them because it has no smell. Tim does not allow me to put any fragrance cream on him. Emily was alright with it.

      Published on May 18, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    13 Responses to “Beware of Mosquitoes”

    1. Magictree said on

      One thing I notice is after the spraying, loads of mossies will come into the house!

    2. **Touch wood** Just in case, if anyone got dengue, just ask them to try out papaya leave juice. It is really effective as my hubby got it before and try it…

    3. haha..instead of opening all the house up,we quickly close them each time they come..hehehe

    4. Really lots of mosquitoes lately, I used the electric liquid type one and on every night before sleep also no use.

      Seems like mossie are immune to all spray too..until I really cannot tahan and bought an electic mosquitoes trap few weeks back. It is like a racker, it works better than spray and I need not to chase and hit them (sometime miss it also), just swing the racket around and if any mossie kena, it will be trap and burn them up..

    5. michelle said on

      lemonjude: Yeap I know the racket thing and been wanting to get it but forgot.

    6. wah rainy season at ur place ah? our side here is so dry!

    7. does this repellent reli help? we bought few different brand before n doesnt reli help 🙁

    8. I have to try the Cetaphil moisturizer once Zara’s face is back to normal.. just to keep her face moisturised.

    9. u the first person i hear open up the windows when the foggers come! we will cover everything coz hate the diesel smell and it is oily too. btw, kg people like me immune to mozzie bite already. hehe.

    10. Usually after the fogging, more mosquito in the house!! I hate mosquito cos they tend to bite my gal more. Pity her with the bites over her legs…..

    11. same as CN, we also close all the doors and windows!! lol

    12. Previously we also close all the doors & windows but one time the foggers asked us to open them! Since then we open all when they come. 🙂

    13. we would close all the doors and windows, simply couldn’t stand the smell.