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      Last week was really busy for me. I had 4 night meetings in a row running from 9pm onwards. I have a big project that will materialize. If only, my company will give my team part of the cost savings we made for this project.

      Besides that, last week was also Tim’s exam week. I started tutoring him the week before every day at 8pm-9pm. I bought many mock up exams papers/books for him to practice. He likes doing it and that’s good. By the way, if I got 8 of those books, I get 2 Education VCD and another free book. It is good deal and one book cost RM1.90. I need to send the proof of purchase with a RM4 POS express envelope to collect those VCD and the free book. It was another chore for me to run to the post office to get that POS express pack.

      Being a paranoid mom, I asked Tim everyday when he return from school whether he know how to do his exam. On one of the day, I didn’t expect this to come out from my timid boy. He said, maybe I can scored 100. I know it is very hard for him to achieve that because he has the same gens as me, making careless mistakes. I just laughed. However on Friday, he told me that the teacher announced he got 100 for Maths. I am still in disbelieved and waiting for the Maths paper to come back.

      My hubby reminded me that I have a church ladies meeting on Friday which I forgot all about it. I was one of the committee. I was asked to setup the projector and computer for the speaker. She wanted to present the bible verses in Chinese and I was afraid my computer may not have the Chinese font. Anyhow, I installed a couple of Chinese package for Windows XP Pro and prayed that it will work. It did!

      The last thing I had to do and it was the most satisfying was to go visit Shireen (aka HealthFreakMummy) and Baby C. I always wanted to visit her but I didn’t get her contact. Thanks to Chanel who gave me her number. I took Friday off to get something for Baby C. Baby C has gone through so much with her surgery and prolonged vomiting. It made me cry every time I read about her. I prayed for her and Shireen constantly that this tragic will be over soon.

      Paik Ling organized a collection to contribute to Baby C medical bills. If you would like to contribute, email me or her.

      I met Shireen, she is still keeping very strong. Baby C was sleeping when I was there. I am really glad that the doctor finally found the cause of the problem. Sad to say, Baby C has to go for another surgery yesterday to correct the kinked gut. Shireen thank everyone who contributed. You know who you are. Well visiting Shireen and Baby C was the best thing of the week because I must say that in the virtual world of Internet, we do have many caring moms.

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    10 Responses to “All In A Week’s Work”

    1. It’s indeed a busy week for me, and you are right, internet world has a lot of caring mommies. 🙂

    2. wah sure a busy week for u

    3. Wow! That is a lot to digest for a week! 🙂

    4. very busy indeed. Running here and there.

    5. those exam papers look good. i wonder if my son will do it willingly like ur Tim..

    6. good, can buy this for wien to do during sch break. must keep her busy else she ‘ll play non-stop! 😛

    7. gurp… dats alot of work to do! im not sure if i can do dat wif samuel next time

    8. wow, you indeed got lots of homework for Tim ler…don’t he complain to you it is too much?? Jona does!!

    9. michelle said on

      Mamajo: He is in national school, so not much homework there. Yes, he does complain once a while. Hehehe…there is motivation behind the homework. 😛

    10. Wow.. they must learn how to read those words to do the test/exercise?

      HOpe baby C get well soon.. heartache to see her like that.