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      I am sure by now, you already seen my new blog template. I have been wanting to change it but procrastinated. Finally my itchy hands decided to do it. It took me 1 night of work, doing it while I was having a night conference.

      This time around it was not that difficult. Let me share some tricks to go about doing this. It only worked for wordpress as I am not that familiar with blogspot.

      First, you go and browse through the internet. Google for WordPress Template or WordPress Theme. Choose one that you like, the overall outlook, color and the number of columns. Don’t worry about the header and the font, those can be changed.

      Once you have selected it, upload to your blog. For my header, I used Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 to help me with the 3D, font, reflection, photo edge bluring…etc. It is quite a need tool. You can also paste pictures on it and resize it on the spot. I copy the final image to another image tool and save is as jpg. Tada, one nice header.

      Next I have to move all my ads from one template to another. A tip for you, when you add any ads script to your template, always have a comment before and end of the script. It helps you locate all the scripts easily.

      Oh, I accidentally deleted a simple code, my entire blog vanished. Becareful! I always have backup of my template files, I just upload that file again and it is back to original. Pretty Cool!

      Lastly, you can change the font in the stylesheet file called CSS. If you don’t know where things are, you can use the trial and error method. Pick an obvious font and start replacing it one by one to see the effect on your blog. Remember backup the original file.

      Let me know if your fingers are itchy and want to change your blog theme. I can help you along but I cannot do it for you.

      Happy Styling Your Blog!

      Published on May 28, 2009 · Filed under: Technology;

    14 Responses to “New Blog Outlook”

    1. Nice! I like the font.

    2. I like it that your blog is that much wider now. 🙂

    3. nice theme and header too. i have been wanting to learn on how to create my won header but way too lazy and i kinda like my current one very much. one day, when the mood comes, i bug u ok. 🙂

    4. Oh dear, when I read the steps my head oredi spinning. After finished reading … errrr … still blur blur … *heehee* One fine day, I’ll change mine.

    5. it is nice n neat…easy to read…
      well done….
      I have been wanting to modify mine for long time also but no result hi hi…

    6. Stumble upon your blog by accident and glad that I did. By the way love your blog theme.

    7. wow, powerpoint also can do that a!!!

      btw, nice header!

    8. Magictree said on

      Very nice!!!

    9. Nice! I din know PowerPoint is such a powerful tool.

    10. Very Nice. I like the font too. I am technically challenged. Hehe. So I dare not touch my blog in any way. Don’t even know how to update my wordpress version and so takut to do so. 😛

    11. michelle said on

      slavemom: Version 2007 and above can do that.

      mumsgather: Just remember to backup the file. If anything goes wrong, just replace the file with your backup. All the files should be in the theme folder. For theme modification, you are not touching the content on your blog. So don’t worry.

      Another tip is if you mess up the uploaded theme, you can always switch back to the old theme.

    12. wah…powerpoint also so advance liao ah!

    13. Haha, still sounds like Greek to me.

    14. Nice theme..

      I’m like mumsgather.. dare not do anything.. now still running old wordpress.