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    • Back From KL & Genting

      My mom took our family to Genting for 2D/1N. Everything is paid for, even food and hotel. It shows how much she goes up there. My children had a great time up there and boy I am tired. My body muscles are aching, maybe due to a lot of walking.

      Finally Tim and Emily got to ride the Genting cable car. It was closed the last time we went. They were happy and I was scared, height phobia. One of Emily favorite ride is Ride De Paris. Actually she was a little over height but no one bother. She went on it so many rounds and I think she almost sat on every different vehicle there are. Oh well, this may be the final round for her. Next year, I think the attendant will not allowed her to go in due to height.

      We checked in to Resort World Hotel and we got a nice view. The rooms are very clean and spacious. Check in was fast although there was a big crowd due to school holidays. We got our rooms instantly.

      We also went to Snow World. Thatโ€™s the place where my children have the most fun. They always watched snow but never experience it. Many times, they told me to bring them to snow places. Ha! Snow World is the cheapest snow places. RM54 only! Emily wanted to build a snow man but after digging for a while, she got tired. I was surprised that both of them didnโ€™t felt discomfort in there. Probably they had too much excitement to feel the cold. My feet were in pain because the boot they gave me had a hole. Ice went in and I can feel my feet freezing. I had to get out a feel times. A tip if you are going in there, were thick socks and snickers.

      My mom wanted to dine at Imperial Rama and the place was fully booked. We changed plan to have lunch instead. Finally, I got to eat this:

      As for KL, we spent almost half of the day in PetroSains. We were traveling on the Kommuter train, Emily was talking about PetroSains so loud that an elderly malay lady overheard. She was bringing her grandson out and asked us what PetroSains is all about. Later she decided to bring her grandson there too. It was really jam pack in PetroSains and we only can get in at 1:30pm. We got out at about 4pm. It is a mega education playground for my children.

      It was a short 4 days trip and my children had a great time. Tomorrow it a school re-open, that’s the end of the mid term holiday.

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    12 Responses to “Back From KL & Genting”

    1. wow..pau yue vy big!!

    2. now i am soooo tempted to go Genting again and ya…i need to bring my children to Petrosains one day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    3. nice nice!! did u meet vichelle and kids there?

    4. michelle said on

      Jazzmint: It is a camera trick, I am sure you know…hahahaha.

    5. Very big pau yu! LOL! Camera trick or not, I miss pau yu. ๐Ÿ˜›

    6. Petrosains is an interesting place for kids!

    7. wow, abalone, yummy! I also back from Genting, last week. ๐Ÿ™‚ My kid also likes the Ride De Paris…

    8. soo nice… i think i maybe consider going there when Ariel is bigger…

    9. You guys have been to Petrosains countless of times. So nice meh?

    10. michelle said on

      Chinnee :Nope I didn’t meet them.

      Magictree: You ask my children. Yeah it is very educational and fun!

    11. Wow.. everythink paid for.. very generous of your mum.. especially the big fat juicy abalone.

    12. another blogger who just got back from genting. weather must be better up there.. i feel so hot now!