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    • of Birthday Present & Teenage Boy

      Emily wanted a scooter for her birthday. She requested it early in the year. On the day before her birthday, we went to a bicycle shop to get it for her. It is cheaper in the bicycle shop than departmental store or Toysrus. Timothy saw one that he likes. Well, how can I resist not buying for him? Both of them were happy and wanted to go round the front porch. I had to park the car outside my house.

      I am glad Penang has a very nice Youth park with a cycling or roller skate or jogging rink. Both Emily and Tim with their cousin went scooter-ing around many times.

      There is also a pebbles reflexology path. A teenage boy was approaching the pebble path and he was teaching his girl friend how to walk on it. He sounded very macho and spoke as if he is a pro on walking on pebbles. After he walked on it, I could see him jumping up and down, screaming due to pain. His girlfriend walked a few rounds. He walked halfway and he took the side walk instead. In Cantonese, we would call him “Tai Jeak Koong”

      I tried it myself but only can complete one small round. The trick I learn is to take deep breath on every step. I saw a big size foreigner, he walked like he was walking on flat ground. My hubby said he probably have thick skin.

      Lastly, aren’t these tees lovely?

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    5 Responses to “of Birthday Present & Teenage Boy”

    1. Penang is now a very nice place to live in 🙂

    2. Your account of the tai jeak kong is so funny lol! Yup, Penang is really a nice place to live in. I love the food!

    3. nice tshirts….they must be proud wearing these tshirts…

    4. never know that bicycle shop got sell scooter!

    5. teenages nowadays pak toh so early.. and then likes to talk big.. *shake head*.
      Those Ts are nice.