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    • Birthday Movie Treat

      Emily and I got a birthday treat from Golden Screen Cinema. Let me know if you want to get free ticket for your birthday. We watched Monsters vs Aliens. I love the humor and it was hilarious. I like the blob monster called B.O.B. I wished I can be as blur as him especially in the workplace, maybe I will be happier.

      The story is about a gal named Susan who was about to get married and on her wedding day she turned into a giant after she was hit by a radiated meteor. As usual the government captured her and put her in isolation. She got to know other funny monsters. Hey most of their monster characters are so much like Ben 10 alien grey matter, ripjaw and vilgax.

      Earth was invaded by alien because the squid like alien wanted to get the powerful substance in Susan. The alien wanted to rule the earth. So you have Monsters Vs Aliens. Watch it to find out more. I am not sure whether my children enjoyed it but I did. It is worth going.

      B.O.B is so funny. I like the part where he literally wanted to throw the cars out of the bridge when Susan asked him to get the cars out of the bridge to save the people. How he fell in love with the Jelly.

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    8 Responses to “Birthday Movie Treat”

    1. I wish I could go to the cinema with my kids to watch movies too…. I’ve not been to one for more than 6 years!

    2. Happy Birthday to U & Emily 🙂

    3. Yeah, BOB is the funniest. I enjoyed the movie but I dun think the kids u/std the jokes. They’re there for the popcorn. 🙂

    4. I havent seen the movie and I think I wont go to the cinema for a looong looong time *looking at JD and JT* Anyway, maybe i can go for my birthday, alone with my hub. *dreaming* haha

    5. hehe i havent watch this movie, but collected all the toys 😛

    6. Mother and Daughter day out….how nice!

    7. michelle said on

      Magictree: With papa and Tim too. 😛

    8. I want to watch too.. waiting for the clear DVD.. 😛