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    • Ms. Bossy

      Timothy likes to be called Darling and Emily likes to be called Honey. If ever I called Emily, Darling. She would say “I am Honey, kor kor is Darling”. Same answers from Tim.

      Tim has funny ways of calling me and my hubby. Here are some ways.

      Tim: Mr. Mummy
      Tim: M.U.M.M.Y *literally spell it out*
      Tim: P.A.P.A


      On another topic, here is the Ms Bossy Emily…
      Emily: Where did you buy this?

      Mummy: In Giant.

      Emily: When did you go Giant?

      Mummy: Today, during lunch.

      Emily: You suppose to go to work, why did you go Giant. You say you go to work, go to office lah. You are not supposed to go to Giant. You didn’t go to work, no money to buy toys for me.

      Maybe she was a little upset, I went to Giant without her. :giggles:

      Published on June 25, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Ms. Bossy”

    1. hahaha… Tim is so cute.

      My girls will be very upset if I go shopping without them too. And they will start to lecture me just like how Emily did! 😆

    2. haha she wants u to go to work so tat got $ for her toys.. so smart!

    3. haha mommy curi tulang 😛

    4. Ms Bossy doesn’t like mommy going shopping without her, so, in future don’t let her know u went shopping alone. Hahaha.

    5. How come Tim calls you Mr. Mummy and not Miss? 😛