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    • To Teacher’s Office

      Today when Tim came home, he told us that he was called to teacher’s office. Actually it was a counseling office. It is kind of funny and you will never guess why he was called.

      He was called because he had runny nose. It was due to allergy which he can get very often. I believed he sneezed in class many times. Teachers were being paranoid, not the first time. They want to be sure that he is not having H1N1, my guess.

      Tim was actually quarantine in the counseling office. Mind you, he has no fever or flu, just runny nose. Well he didn’t travel abroad and most of the time, he is at nanny’s place. Tim told me that the teacher check his temperature and body. He was not allowed to return to class.

      He came back and complained that he couldn’t do his spelling. My jaw dropped because any student would want to escape from spelling test. By the way, his spelling improved so much ever since he started primary school. He used to get chicken egg for spelling in kindy. Now he gets chicken egg with a stick in front.

      Now I don’t know whether to send him to school or stay at home with me tomorrow.

      Published on June 25, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “To Teacher’s Office”

    1. Yesterday, I received a notification from the kindy in my gals’ message book. The principal has advised parents not to send their kids to school if their child is unwell. I guess if the runny nose is not freaking ppl out and making ppl run away from you, i.e. not having continuous goo dribbling out from the nose, then it shd be ok to go to school. Slight sniffing shd be ok. And btw, good job to Tim for getting a sausage in front of the egg 😀

    2. i think he can go to school as you said he didn’t travel abroad. now everybody also worry about H1N1, teachers want to make sure that Tim is alright. Well done to Tim, got 100% for his spelling test. 🙂

    3. Good that the school is taking precaution. Today’s is replacement Saturday, the older boy had fever, the younger one had cough….that gives me a good excuse not to send them….1st degree lazy mummy!

    4. No calls from the school to inform u dat Tim was ‘quarantined’?

      Good for Tim dat he improved so much and showed interest in his spelling.

    5. my nieces’ school advised them to stay at home for 1 wk after htey got back from bali. maybe its precaution kua. what did the principal say?

    6. Good boy.. likes to do work. I think Zara would be so happy to escape.