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    • Superb Day

      Date: 9th July 2009
      Time: 11 pm after we came back from prayer meeting.

      It is always nice to hear this….

      Mummy: What are the kids doing upstairs?

      Papa: They are reading their bibles. *Sometimes they read their bibles before sleep*

      Mummy: Aren’t you helping Emily with her reading tonight? *Emily still needs help with certain words*

      Papa: Timothy is helping her.

      It just melts my heart to hear that. After 30 minutes, I go check on them. Both fell asleep on their bed, with bibles kept and lights off except the toilet light.

      I wished more days like these where both of them help each other, play and have fun together. Things like these ensure my hubby and I that we are doing something right in parenting them.

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    11 Responses to “Superb Day”

    1. How sweet, no wonder melted ur heart. Tim and Emily are so disciplined.

    2. they r reli good!!

    3. I think you’ve done a great job with them! Wow.. reading their bibles…. How did you get them started with it? Is it a daily thing that you do?

    4. michelle said on

      marlina: My hubby instill bible reading in them every night.

      Tim is reading the ESV bible and Emily is reading a children bible. We try to do it every night but there are times where things get in the way.

    5. your kids are very well behaved.
      the bible they have is kids’ bible??

    6. Wow….really good kids…Since when Tim and Emily start to sleep on their own??

    7. Your hubby n you did such a great job teaching n guiding them..your kids are blessed to have both of you…

      Also you are blessed with 2 beautiful n loving kids…

    8. michelle said on

      Mamajo: Yes, they started to sleep on their own since very young. Age of 2.

    9. You are doing a great job! As Christian, we are entrusted to raise godly children. Mine still have not learned to read the bible. But they can pray by themselves already and pray for me too. 🙂

    10. Your kids are so well raised. Put me to shamelah.

    11. Wow…. that’s nice.. no need to depend on you two to get them to bed.

      Btw, both of them can read the bible? :O