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      Today is a day off for my hubby and I. It is a replacement holiday for Saturday Governor’s Day public holiday. However no replacement for school, so Tim and Emily has to go school. Yeah for us! My hubby and I went paktor in Gurney Plaza. It has been a long time since we went out without the children.

      I must say that it was good but at some point, I felt it was a little quiet without the kids. Ooh guess what? They didn’t know about our outing. I can assure you if they find out it will be 101 questions time. Anyhow, I got them both transformer pajamas which they were so happy once they saw it. Both wanted to wear them immediately.

      By the way, today is Monday and some shops do not provide plastic bags. This is to reduce the use of plastic bags, which is very good. I do keep recycle bag in my car. This is what I overheard yesterday from some “lau yi” (aka elderly aunties)

      Cashier: Tomorrow you have to bring your own bags, we do not provide any plastic bag tomorrow. *It is a gentle reminder*

      Lau Yi: Kang kor (aka difficult) with no plastic bags.

      Cashier: Yeah I understand but what to do. I want to give plastic bags but we cannot. Use recycle bag.

      Lau Yi: Better we don’t shop on Monday.

      I meant why it is so hard for folks to carry recycle bag. Well it is a slow process but I hope the people understand that it is for the environment.

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    9 Responses to “Just Two Of Us”

    1. Hubby explained to our girls why we need to go dating from time to time that is the reason they don’t make a fuss when we go out.

    2. You n miche paktor paktor with hubby yar….
      I am sure the kids will not mind…seeing daddy n mummy sooo loving

    3. *shhhhh* I won’t tell them u went shopping with daddy *heehee*

      True to say dat how come it’s so difficult for ppl to carry a recycle bag. I always have my “Jusco” (big enough) recycle bags with me whenever I go shopping.

      I remember when “Makro” was still in business, plastic bags were not provided, so, we had to dump our groceries into the trolley and pack them with our own whatever bags we brought.

    4. michelle said on

      Tracy: Talking about carrying the groceries into the trolley, once I requested all my groceries to be placed in the trolley without plastic bags. The cashier looked strangely at me.

      She told me it is difficult as she needs to put sticker on every items. *roll eyes* I insisted and she had no choice but to do that. Of coz I helped her.

    5. Once a while we’ll take leave n go pak tor too! This month will be another time…hehehe…

    6. I wished to have some “pak toh” time soon with my dear too..anyone mind to babysit for us?
      hehe 😛

    7. I wish KL would implement the ‘No plastic days’ here too!

    8. it will takes time for everyone to accept the extra task just to protect the environment.

      so nice to go pak tor la…how i wish i could take a break from my “learning to walk soon boys!*

    9. In the market, I ask the vendors to wrap all the veges in newspaper, but when we get back, my maid took out new plastic bags to wrap the vege.. *faint*