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    • Pray For My Dad

      Please pray for my dad. I got an SMS from my brother this evening that he had breathing difficulty yesterday night. It may be another heart attack. He got a mild heart attack once. Imagine, my aunt told me that all the government hospital is full. I wonder why.

      Let’s hope he is going to be fine. Pray for his salvation and I really hope he will accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

      P/S Thanks for all your prayer. My mom said that it wasn’t another heart attack, thank goodness. It was a lung infection. Please continue to pray for his salvation.

      Published on July 14, 2009 · Filed under: Christianity;

    14 Responses to “Pray For My Dad”

    1. I hope that he will be alright.

    2. Hope your dad will be fine.

    3. michelle, hope ur dad will be in better healthy. God bless him

    4. hope uncle is okay

    5. Hope that your dad will be ok!

    6. Hope Uncle Leong is better now. Will continue praying for him.

    7. Get well soon to your dad….Keep him in prayer…

    8. hope your dad is fine…

    9. Hope he will recover from his lung infection speedily.

    10. hope he feels better now…. God Bless!

    11. Hope ur dad’s feeling better now.

    12. hope he’s ok now

    13. Hi Michelle, while my mom was sick, I too was praying fervently for her salvation, since I’m away from home, in my prayers I asked God to send someone to talk and share with her about God’s love. When mom got more serious, I went back home more frequently and somehow God showed me that “someone” is actually me. So I obeyed, prayed with her, wrote to her and shared with her, I’m glad my mom make the decision to accept the Lord one day before God decides to take her home. So I prayed God will use you to bring your father to Christ.

    14. thank GOD he is okay and wishing him speedy recovery.