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      I always wanted Emily to have a Japanese costume like a Kimono. I love looking at children in Kimono. My manager is coming from Japan, I thought I asked him to get one for me. However he told me that it will be too hot to wear kimono.

      He suggested Yukata. He got Emily a very pretty Yukata. Doesn’t she look Japanese?

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      Published on July 16, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    12 Responses to “Gift From Japan”

    1. she looks so cute in her yukata

    2. Lovely!
      I never know that it’s called yukata until I read in your post. 😛 My dad used to travel to Japan for his previous job, and he got me a few of these, but I only wore them as pajamas. LOL!

    3. The Yukata seems a lot easier to wear compared to the Kimono. I’m sure Emily likes the costume very much. Can see dat she’s smiling from left to right.

    4. So sweet looking.

    5. so sweet, what is the different between yukata and kimono ???

    6. Michelle very cute wor…
      hey get one japanese costume for Tim also lar..
      sure look cute both of them…

    7. pretty gal… and the yukata look great too!

    8. nice yukata..having girl is really a blessing!

    9. vy nice!!

    10. The big sleeve makes it look so cooling!

    11. the yukata is really sweet and pretty. i have always wanted to get one for my girl..

    12. Nice.. When we went to Japan, we saw some for sales ~RM100. My hubs said buy for what? Not that they can wear and go out.