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    • Caning In School: Good Or Bad

      The other day I was told a child was cane because she is slow, her work is untidy, unable to finish her homework and others. This is just not only happening in her school but a lot of Chinese school. I really sympathize with the child as she is living in fear every day all because her development is not on par with the school’s expectation.

      Please parents out there, if your child is in this category, do change him/her into another school. Don’t let your child suffer in such a manner. I am still very unsupportive of canning for petty things. It just takes out the fun in learning. Your child is going to school in fear. What character do you think she/he will grow up to be? It is really quite sad to hear this.

      In addition if the child is lacking behind in the school syllabus, she/he will not magically turn into a bright student overnight. She will lose interest in her studies and maybe even drop out. If you see this red warning signal, it is better to let her/him go to a National school. I have seen parents do that and their children excel. Of course, they are happier too. Don’t allow your child to suffer silently over your expectations.

      Published on July 22, 2009 · Filed under: Education, Parenting Tip;

    11 Responses to “Caning In School: Good Or Bad”

    1. Fortunately, there is no caning at my girl’s chinese school. When the child is absent, the teacher usually allows them extra time to complete their homework too. So far, in terms of homework and discipline it has turned out not as I had feared.

    2. these days they still do dat? kennot complaint to Ministry of Education?

    3. Yeah, I don’t believe canning is the way to go in school. If a student has difficulty, he or she should be helped rather than punished.

    4. Caning for serious disciplinary probs is understandable. But for petty things like slow in work, untidy work, etc, that is a big NO NO.

    5. Agree! The school should not punish the child becos of the child’s slow development. Instead the school should caters to each child’s development. Not all children are the same. Caning is simply not the solution to every problem here.

    6. totally AGREE with you!!
      all the horror stories of chinese school scares me and i’m watching my boy closely. *sigh*

      why do they even wanna do that??

    7. I am also against caning for petty matters. I wonder if Alycia’s school practises caning as she will be going to a Chinese school next year.

    8. i am against of caning in school… chinese schools are always like that!

    9. Since when in our Education System has ‘fun in learning?’! Chinese schools teachers must be under a lot of pressure I think…..else surely they must know children develop at different pace with different interests.

    10. wah the teacher not scared later kena complain one.

    11. Ian is going to a chinese primary school next year. Heard a lot about the strict disciplinary actions and homework loads. I quit my job recently to get myself prepared for next year and to be able to coach him in his homework. Hopefully it would worth all the efforts..