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      I didn’t know the H1N1 is really going bad in Malaysia. I heard a few school have H1N1 cases. However I bet it will be all covered up. Anyway, to protect my children, I must teach them to sanitize their hands as often as possible, especially before eating. Emily love sanitizing her hands and she would say “It smells good!”.

      I got a lot of nice smelling sanitizing hand gel from US. I am sure they will love to use it. In my company in US, they put sanitizing dispenser near the washroom. Every time I come out, I would remember to sanitize my hands. I hope they do it here in Malaysia. I know some hospital do that.

      If you have not gotten any sanitizing hand gel, go get a bottle now. Read a H1N1 reality story here.

      Published on August 15, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting, Parenting Tip;

    7 Responses to “Sanitizing”

    1. Some schools are even closed down due to H1N1 in West Malaysia. I think I will not bring my gal to pre-school next week, after all school holiday is just around the corner.

      Everytime she eats, goes out or to loo, i will get my gal to wash her face and hands.

    2. yea same here we have been using hand sanitizer every day… once get into the car we will sanitizer our hands… samuel goes to school with mask too n yet he gets flu… sigh

    3. Our office also started providing already, at all entrances to the office.

      Btw, the sanitiser already filled with chemical still want to get those scented ones? More chemical?

    4. make sure when sanitize…rub rub until all the alcohol dries up….before touching the food…

      Jeriel also being trained to use the hand sanitizer also…

    5. make sure they rub till all dried up, if not accidentally consumed will have other effects on the children

    6. Same goes for me…Since H1N1 started in US, I already got sanitizer in my car…and Jona & Isaac before eat in car, will ask for sanitizer and nowadays, even know how to squeeze and apply it..hehe…now, my worry is, I scare they will accidentally eat the sanitizer as it is harmful 🙁

    7. My girl oso likes the sanitizer, becoz of the smell. 🙂