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    • Learning Greek

      After learning the longest word from mummy, Emily picked up Greek alphabets from daddy. Daddy is learning Greek because he wants to understand the Bible better. New Testament was written in Greek. Emily remembers all the Greek alphabets. Amazing to see how children mind can absorb and memorized things.

      Some of you may already know some Greek alphabets when you learned Maths like alpha, beta, gamma, delta, pi, micron or omega. So it is not foreign to you.

      Here goes:

      Greek Chart:

      Published on October 2, 2009 · Filed under: Emily;

    3 Responses to “Learning Greek”

    1. wahlau eh!!! so keng! clap, clap, clap. my almost 5yo girl still cannot recite A to Z clearly!

      and your husband so rajin!!! my husband was a pastor and he never learn Greek b4! hehehehe

    2. Learning Greek after learning that impossibly long word 🙂 Emily very the super duper wor.

    3. Ooooiii….terror nya!!!!