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      Many of you will have to decide how much to give your child when he goes to primary school. I gave Tim RM1 first day of school and that’s it. The RM1 is still in his wallet until today. I never give him after that. Every day I packed him something to eat during recess time. However he never wants to spend any money in school.

      The main place to spend money is not in the canteen but the book shop. They sell all kind of things even games in the book shop. A few times when I visit the book shop, I see children’s spending their parent’s hard earned money on unnecessary things. I see some of the children even carried RM10.

      Next are the illegal stalls outside the school. Fortunately there are not many, less than 3 and 2 of them only sells food. Hehehe…I used to eat from one of the stalls when I picked Timothy. Who can resist the delicious fish balls, right? Well after hearing the headmaster telling the students not to buy from those stall, I had to set a good example. No more fish ball for me.

      One time I heard from the Tim that many children buy “spray mulut”. He told me that the headmaster warned the children, the “spray mulut” is not good for their health. Tim said it can cause cancer. Yes, he knows what cancer is.

      By the way, if I do my calculation correctly, Tim has saved up enough to buy a big size transformer. Shhh shh…don’t tell him yeah. I will save it for him in his bank account.

      Published on October 7, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    17 Responses to “Pocket Money”

    1. He is such a clever boy…who know what is wrong n right…Also learn at such an early age to save $$…

    2. I must follow your example too. My girl going to Primary in a few months time. 🙂

    3. Tim is really such a good boy!!!!! Well done, Timothy!

    4. I had good memories buying food from the stalls outside my school when I was in kindergarten. But back then life was different from now. It’s probably unsafe now to hang outside school to buy snacks. So sad for our children.

      You’ve definitely instilled good values in Tim. He’s quite mature for his age. =D

    5. Lol…. I meant when I was in Primary (not kindergarten) =P

    6. he is such a good boy!

    7. wahh….i bet my girl will not be that good, she’ll probably keep herself busy at the bookshop buying all those cute lil stuff O.o

    8. Marlina: Me too, I was one of those who contributed a lot to those stalls when I was in Primary.

    9. I wish my gals will be thrifty too. I know my #2 will surely buy things like there’s no tomorrow. BTW, what’s spray mulut?

    10. Ya, what’s spray mulut? Tim should be a role model to all. I wonder what his reaction would be when you showed him the bank book.

    11. HF and JO-N: I donno what it is. I saw the children spraying it in the mouth. I assume it taste sweet. Then the tongue is all red or purple depending on the flavor.

    12. he really *kuai* ler…good boy!

    13. u hv a very good child!!!! ok, will try if it works on my son next yr..but… i doubt it..unless i dont give him money

    14. hi..first time coming by here..
      when my sons were young, ie in their primary, they took bread all the time… now i used to tease them..they are bread boys.. when they reached secondary, bread was their last choice.. cos by then, their new school had many types of food for sale.. now they r in college, they said they want home cook food.. 🙂

    15. I don’t give my girl any pocket money as well. And whatever that spray mulut is, it sounds simply awful!

    16. i think my gal will be busy at the bookshop too…

    17. I think my boy will ask for more money!!! I just taught him the concept of a ‘piggy bank’ and he’s been going around picking up any coins he see to deposit into it. We’d calculated that he could buy himself 1 train or car by Christmas LOL

      My sister dares not leave any coins around anymore coz they will disappear LOL Yikes, I must teach him that not everything he sees is his…