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    • Heaty Weekend

      First we indulge in Haagen Dazs, I got a free RM60 voucher, thanks to Abbot after collecting many milk scoops. We ordered a Haagen Dazs fondue and my children love it at first sight. Maybe because they can play with the melted chocolate.

      On Sunday, we had dinner at my church friend’s house. One of my friend brought durian from the Orang Asli plantation where she helped out. It was delicious! Next, we had rich chocolate cake to celebrate the October’s babies.

      Now I need some leong char to get rid of the heatiness. Some say if you drink water from the durian shell, it can cool you down. And if you wash your hands by scooping water with the durian shell, it can get rid of the strong smell. Don’t believe me, try it.

      Last, my church friend threw in a whole bunch of keropok (aka potatoes chips) which he bought from the handicap lady. My hubby, Emily and I had all the above. Timothy had all the above except durian. Guess who is down with cough?

      I strongly believed that she had a bad wheezing cough because she ate M&M chocolate. Somehow she is allergic to it and Japanese biscuit. Any of your children is allergic to these? Poor gal cannot enjoy M&M with me.

      Published on October 12, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    13 Responses to “Heaty Weekend”

    1. wah M&M allergy, hmm first time i hear

    2. could it be due to the peanuts in the M&M?

    3. I was also thinking about the peanuts. But could be some additives in the M&M as well. Btw I didn’t know can redeem things with Abbott scoops! How ah?

    4. miche and Paik Ling: ooh she can eat peanuts with no problem. I believed it is the coloring. I will send you the Abbott’s details in email.

    5. hmmm never heard about being allergic to m&ms but at least you know now what not to give her.

    6. i have plenty of cut out scoop thing and yet have not send in one. dont even remember if i m a member oredi.

    7. abbott reward redemption seems much better than meadjohnson…

      the ice cream fondue nice a?

    8. M&M allergic?? Was that inherit by parent?? Anyone of your family member has it?? never heard about it le…

    9. chooi peng: Yeap I got stacks of meadjohnson’s barcode labels waiting to exchange for good gifts.

      Fondue, not worth the money!

      debbie: My hubby and I have no problem with M&M. Not sure about our parents.

    10. Hope Em’s fully recovered by now. As for the allergy, hopefully she’ll outgrow it soon so she can enjoy M&Ms with u.

    11. Or maybe it’s the coloring in the M&Ms? Can you also send me the details from Abbot? Thanks!

    12. HF: Here ya go:

    13. poor girl.. you don’t think it’s the peanut?