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    • The Mail Box

      That is what I look forward to at the end of the day after work. I always look in the mail box to see what is in the mail for me. Sometimes I get surprises.

      Remember when Tim and Emily got their own room. Tim decided to build a mail box for it. He even put a number in his room, pretending it to be his house. His number is 84. Emily followed his footstep, she asked me to build a mail box and she numbered her house 85.

      Well to make the children happy, I wrote little notes to put in their mail box. They were happy to see letters in their mail box. Yeah both of them were grinning ear to ear. It just showed that they have my gens.

      Today I bought a little gift and inserted it into their little mail box. I didn’t make any sound. When Emily saw something in her mail box, she screamed and shouted for joy. Moments like these makes me happy. Similar reaction with Timothy. The gift was only RM3. From this day forward, I will put more letters and gift in their little mail box.

      Published on October 15, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    15 Responses to “The Mail Box”

    1. Their mailbox sure looks pretty! How creative. 🙂

    2. Sounds really fun!

    3. The mail box is so cute!

    4. i like the mailbox too! must tell my girls about this. 🙂

    5. what a great idea!

    6. Yeah… we dun usually receive letters, cards or surprises in the mail these days. So when something does come in via post, it sure makes us happy n excited.
      Btw, wat’s the mailbox made of?

    7. wah vy nice mailbox. who made it?:

    8. great idea!! their post box really cute 🙂

    9. that is a great idea!!!!

    10. slavemom: Some connected toy thing, not sure what’s the name for it. It is a gift that Emily won.

      Jazz: Tim started to make his and Emily ask me to make one for her.

    11. It really looks nice!! Yeah, Jonathan always complain why he didn’t get lot of letters compare to me 🙂

      And, don’t mention own mailbox in their room, I’m now still struggling to separate him to his own room….

    12. i like the colorful mailboxes and of course i like your ideal very much!

    13. that’s so sweet…. and such a great idea too..

    14. I love this idea!

      It’s wonderful to get letters and presents in a mailbox. =D

    15. very creative of the mummy!