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    • The Bathtub

      My children love playing with water since young. I remembered when they were a baby, every time I bathed them, they are very happy. They kicked the water and have fun.

      I never had any problem asking them to take a bath. They will be all excited. The problem is getting them to come out.

      My children’s bathroom does not have a bathtub. Guess what? We used the portable swimming pool to be their bathtub. They have hours of fun in there. Sometimes if I want a dip in my stress free lavender bubble bath, I can use it too. The good thing with this swimming pool, I do not need to inflate it. I can just roll it and put it away easily. It is cheap too!

      By the way, I just learn how to play Mr. Bean theme song. It is good to have a kid learning music, I can learn from her. Enjoy my short piece of music.

      Keys are: DDFGA D’D’CAGFDFGA D’D’C

      Published on October 18, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    6 Responses to “The Bathtub”

    1. ahahahahah very good…so when can hear the entire Mr Bean song..

    2. You have to sit in with her also for the new music class?

    3. I always tell my kids…..bathe in 10 minutes!!! No tub luxury either! Time is so precious ha! ha!

    4. clever girl!!! wei, how come only the pinky nail is so long ah.. hehehe

    5. like the ‘bathtub’ idea… 🙂

    6. Yeah, you’re right, but it is really not easy to learn ler…I really dumb when it come to music….aiyah