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      My hubby and I have been teaching our kids that smoking can bring cancer. They know cancer is a kind of illness. How? One time at Borders, they picked up a book about our body. The book is title “Inside You”. It talks about how our body makes it through a very bad day. A video CD comes with book that shows the inside of our body. It is a nanocam, a very tiny camera traveling through the body system.

      Now I have 2 smoker alarms with me. Everywhere we go, when a smoker is around, my 2 little smoker alarms will sound an alert, calling “smoker smoker” and “smoking can caused cancer”. Well, after a few reprimanding from me, asking them not to be too loud, they resort to coming near me and whispering in my ear. Sometimes they literally do not want to sit near smokers and asked to move to another table.

      I really hope the government or the community do something about smoking in air condition places. Build a room for the smoker to smoke all they want and keep the rest of the air clean. For those smokers out there, please do not smoke in front of children. I really dislike those people who are so insensitive.

      Published on October 23, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Smoker Alert”

    1. I dislike smoker too!
      Too bad, some smoker really inconsiderate!!

    2. Wah..i didnt know got such thing…a smoker alert alarm.. u must be very anti smoking until u need the alert stuff..

    3. I also don’t like smokers especially those who really not considerate type… smoking at eating places like hawkers or food courts.

      I just hope all public places will ban smoking soon!

    4. Me too, I hate smokers puffing away when they can clearly see small kids around them, so selfish!

    5. u know what? qiqi saw the advertisement on tv and ever since, she is so afraid getting herself near to people with smoke. some more can complain loud loud in public/ kedai kopi, said that person’s mouth will rot, this and that…hahaha…

    6. Yes, some people are so inconsiderate and never think of the children. I myself also dislike smokers but unfortunately I am married to one. Lol!

      as a matter of fact, I went to a buffet dinner at a friend’s house last night. And gosh, smoking zone outside the house. I cannot stand the smoke and have to shift myself to other “safer” and “fresher” zone. Sigh!

    7. Good, train them from young.