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    • Impatient Tooth

      Emily’s new teeth cannot wait to come out. Last week, she told me another tooth is loose. As usual, she doesn’t want me to touch it. She showed me by moving it. Well, I cannot do anything and let it be until it falls off.

      Last Friday, she even has difficulty eating jelly. She accidentally bite on to it, it bleed a little. We were at the church enjoying supper after service. She continued to play on the slide. Later she came to me with the tooth on her hand and with a little bit of blood on her mouth. After I wipe off the blood, I saw the surface of the new tooth. At first, I thought the old tooth chipped.

      Later I realized, it is her new tooth sprouting out and pushing the old tooth away. The new tooth cannot wait to come out, a little impatient just like her.

      Published on October 27, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Impatient Tooth”

    1. The same thing happened to Alycia! She lost her 2nd baby teeth last week, then I saw white pearls sprouting out from the gum.

    2. Hahaha, impatient, eh?

    3. I wish No2’s teeth would shed so easily. His ‘Mater’ tooth is still there..and his permanent tooth has already taken its place .would have to get his school nurse to extract it after his exam tomorrow.

    4. wont pain ka??

    5. Aiyah….how come till today, my Jona hasn’t lost his baby tooth yet…from the look, it seem like it will take ages lor….

    6. Did she get her first set of teeth very early too? Her 2nd set seem very fast they are sprouting.

    7. She’s really cool abt it. Guess she’s used to the idea of teeth being loose n dropping out. hehehe