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    • Maths Gone Wrong

      I was teaching Emily and Tim the age difference between them and their older cousin.

      Mummy: Your cousin CC is older than Tim by 1 year old and Tim is older than Emily by 2 years old.

      Mummy: Emily is 5 years old. Add 2 is 7. Tim is 7 years old. Add 1 is 8 and CC is 8 years old.

      When Emily is 20 years old. How old is Tim?

      Emily: Tim is 22

      Mummy: How old is CC?

      Emily: CC is 23.

      Mummy: When Emily is 100 years old. How old is Tim and CC?

      Tim: Tim and CC will be in heaven. 😯

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      Published on November 2, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    10 Responses to “Maths Gone Wrong”

    1. 😆 Smart Girl!

    2. opps! i didn’t see Tim’s name there coz it was Mummy and Emily, Mummy and Emily.

      correction: Smart Boy! 😆

    3. hahaha….he is telling the truth!!!

    4. Very fast respond ya!

    5. Great…Tim know where he’ll be going!

    6. Oh dear!! Clever boy!! what an answer! hahaha!

    7. that is a very good answer!!! hahaha

    8. Smart Tim!! This is a good one. hahahahha

    9. Smart boy! He’s good in his Math too.

    10. Very good answer.. but how come he didnt’s say Emily also going heaven?

      Aiyo.. I thought still cannot withdraw and I just used up on overpriced hotel stay 🙁