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      Simple meal that I prepared for my children. Too bad my broccoli went bad if not, it will look nicer with some green. My hubby was away and I thought of opening my home restaurant for the kids. Yeap, that’s how my children called my kitchen, mummy’s restaurant. They loved to play waiter and takes order. They love private dining with mummy too.

      These are previous meals:

      On another topic, here is Tim’s funny remark. Daddy was giving out instruction in the car before we go shopping.

      Daddy: Rule number one, all listen to papa and mummy. Rule number two, …

      Tim: *P*A*P*A *Y*A* (aka papaya) :giggles:

      Published on December 13, 2009 · Filed under: Parenting;

    5 Responses to “Simple Meals”

    1. He he he… Tim is quite cheeky =D

    2. ya lor…Tim very creative & cheeky too..

    3. wow! calling ur kitchen a restaurant shd encourage u to cook more often eh.. 🙂

    4. My kids like playing “restaurant” too. Only thing is,, I am forever playing the waitress role wor. Hahaha.

    5. That’s your bento style cooking served on corelle plate.. not bad pun this restaurant.