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    • Tang Yuen Recipe

      My hubby didn’t get to eat Tang Yuen this year, I thought I have the children make it for him. However it has passed the Dong Zhi festival, so pre-made dough is not available. I will have to make the dough myself. It is really easy like making play doh. 🙂

      I gave some to my MIL & FIL because they also didn’t have any this year. Hope they like it.

      Recipe For The Dough
      1 cup glutinous rice flour
      ½ cup boiled warm water
      Natural food coloring of your choice. Emily said “No Blue!” I chose pink.

      1. Sieve the flour onto a mix bowl
      2. Mix the coloring with the warm water.
      3. Slowly pour the warm water and mix it. I used a wooden spoon and later use hand to mix it into dough. Do not add too much water because it will be too sticky, hard to pick it for boiling.

      Tang Yuen Balls
      Palm Sugar
      Glutinous Rice Dough

      1. Cut the palm sugar to small piece
      2. Take a small piece of dough, make it into a ball
      3. Press the center with your thumb, add the piece of palm sugar and close it. Use both your palm to roll it into a ball again

      Tang Yuen Syrup
      Pandan Leaves
      Rock Sugar / Palm Sugar & Water

      1. Boil the water with Pandan leaves with squash ginger
      2. Add rock sugar to taste. I use 1.5 piece of rock sugar for ½ pot of water. If too sweet, just add water.

      Last step, boiled another pot of water to cook the tang yuen. When the water boiled, put all the tang yuen balls inside. Once it is cooked, the tang yuen will float to the surface. Use a big metal sieve, pick up the tang yuen from boiling water, run it through cold water. This will give a good texture to the tang yuen. Put the tang yuen into the syrup water to boil in a low fire. Once boil, it is ready to serve.

      Next week, I will make tang yuen with peanut jam fillings. Yummy :P~~~

      Published on December 27, 2009 · Filed under: Food;

    4 Responses to “Tang Yuen Recipe”

    1. So Tim doesn’t get a say in the color? hehehe

    2. slavemom: I only have 2 colors at home, blue and pink. Not much choice…hehehehe

    3. Quite easy to DIY eh? So did the peanut butter filling tang yuen turn out well?

    4. we always prefer diy too, especially qiqi since she loves playing with the dough. usually i am lazy to boil separately…just throw everything into the sweet syrup :p