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      I learn something that is important for nurturing our children. If you observed, most (not all) children from very rich family may not be able to withstand issues when they encounter big problem. Reason, their parents has provided all they need or want. We call those children born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

      As for children of the poor family, they somehow learn the survival skills. They will not let anything stop them from living. They have to do everything to get going. No maids to help them. If you observed, most CEO, company director or successful businessman, they came from a poor background.

      Lesson for us, how you want your child to be? You need to nurture and train them. Not by giving everything they want or need. Nor by having other people do things for them. If you do that, they will not learn how things are done. Let them learn by making mistake and they will improve on it, hopefully to become a better person.

      Often you hear of adult who do not know how to cook, do not know how to sweep the floor, do not know how to wash plates, who do not know how to clean up, who do not know how to fix a bulb, who do not know how to wash clothes or who do not know how to survive in the real world.

      Even Bill Gates donated his fortune to charity rather than passing it down to his children. He does not risk spoiling his children with wealth and end up good for nothing.

      Bottom line, we have to be careful what we give to our children.

      Published on January 18, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting Tip;

    9 Responses to “Next Generation”

    1. well said. most kids are spoilt without them or their parents knowing it 😛 HOwever, I do know of a few millionaire friends who don’t spoil their kids or anything. hats off to them and to the poor who struggle to make ends meet.

    2. I heard from my friend that his millionaire friend who has 4 sons, will give them everything until they are 18. Then, he sent his 2 elder sons to Japan and (I forgot where, non English speaking country) after high school, with little money, and they have to work and study on their own, cannot come back unless they graduate. O.o That’s why he trains his kids. 😛

    3. Very true. I discipline my kids like that too but my hubs spoil them rotten, makes me fuming mad!

    4. Agree with you.Children need to be trained and I would not want to see my children grow up to be useless.

    5. I agree with not spoiling the kids, but I totally disapprove of parents who punish their kids with harsh words and actions. Again, moderation is the key here.

    6. Children nowadays r vy pampered n protected, mine included.

    7. Fully agree with your statement. Kids nowadays really smart and know who love them or pamper them.

    8. Some kids even coming from poor family also kena spoilt by their parents.. like my hubs.

      Parents do everything for them.. so end up all spoilt rotten, so I have to do retraining at home.

      Ok.. I have to learn how to balance reward and punishment already.. or else my kids next time also get affected.

    9. Yup!
      All parents should not only be mindful of what they give, but also what they do not give to their children. cos what goes round do come around…. like “Time”…. *wink*