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      Our family does not subscribe to Astro, hubby just wants to keep them off the TV and does more non-TV stuff. During CNY visitation,

      Timothy: Mummy, let’s go visit people’s house who has Astro so that I can watch their Astro.

      In fact we did visit a few houses with Astro CN. Whose house got Astro CN, Timothy wants to visit you.


      Mummy: When you grow up, where you want to work?
      Emily: I want to work in your office so that I can work from home.


      My children were eager to open their CNY angpows. I let them because I wanted them to put away some to contribute to the church. They were all excited to check how much they collected.

      Emily: Mummy, this one has 4 money but this only has one. I want more with 4 money.

      Actually, the 4 pieces are RM1 notes but the 1 is RM50. Maybe I should give her four RM1 in exchange for her RM50. :giggles:


      Published on February 24, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    7 Responses to “Things They Said…”

    1. He he he… they’re so cute.

      Emily’s dress is very pretty =D

    2. lol…my house got astro. come, come.
      and my children wants more pieces too! they still dunno the value to each notes. 😉

    3. ashley said something similar. she said she wants to work on the computer at home like me 🙂

    4. hahaha….so funny of them. my house also no astro, and it seems weird to have no astro these days..

    5. Emily looked sooo lovely in that costume…

    6. hahaha…eh good deal woh, RM1 change RM50

    7. we also do not have astro at home, and the kids always ask us to bring them over to their ex-nanny’s house to watch Astro too. 😛