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      Today I took my children to hike up the Bukit Jambul hill. It is a tough hill to climb. Before having any children, I always go up with my hubby after work. It is a good workout after conquering the hill. The path was easier then. Now it looks difficult, I believed some of the pathway has eroded.

      The children were very excited at first. The climbing up for us took a long time as I need to guide Emily up every step. It was a long way up and down. They were happy when we got to the top. We could enjoy the breeze and the view. The nice view was block by some big trees. Sigh, I was hoping to sip some ginger tea but none avail.

      They also got some exercise equipments up there. I wonder how they managed to carry all the way up there.

      The difficult part was getting down, some parts were slippery. I had to help Emily to take baby steps down. To add to the difficulty, it was getting dark. Emily could not see the pathway. However we managed to get down safely. We were the last family to get down. It was really an achievement for us. It took us 2 hours in total to go up and down.

      We asked the children if they want to do it again, they loudly jeered “NO”. My hubby and I enjoyed it. We need to KIV this until the next holiday.

      Published on March 22, 2010 · Filed under: Health, Parenting;
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    1. give them swimming pool anytime!