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    • Treasure Gaust Game

      It is another toy from Ban Dai. Ban Dai produced the famous Tamagotchi, a digital pet. Once I own a little dragon pet before.

      Yesterday I was shopping with my children. As usual all they wanted to look at was the toys section. I saw a few items on sale. An electronic Treasure Gaust was going for RM15.00. At that time, I didn’t know what it was. I know if you buy 2, you can fight with one another. Looks like fun, so I got 2 for my children. It is actually a fishing digital toy.

      It is quite cool because the toy has a GPS system. For RM15 with GPS, cool right? Actually it is Gaust Positioning System, got you there! Gaust is some creatures you need to catch. It is floating around, the gadget has a compass system to allow you to find the creature. Once you got to the creature, you use the reel to capture it, like a fishing game. There are many different creatures you can capture. You can use the creature to fight with your opponent too.

      Ohh, you can also feed the creature to make it transform. I Google the toy, it is selling for US16.90. Maybe it is not so popular here.

      Yeah I am having fun with it too!! Here are some pictures of Gaust. Source:

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    1. Lego is really an excellent toy – not just meant for kids but moreover older people!

    2. wa… u can buy and sell in eBay then.