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      Some lady called me today with an unknown number. I suspect it to be a SCAM.

      Lady: Do you know how to speak mandarin? *in mandarin*
      I: I don’t know. Who do you want to speak to? *in mandarin*
      Lady: *hang up*

      Funny thing, I spoke mandarin to her when I told her I don’t know how to speak mandarin. Yeah, I am not fluent in my mandarin. Half pail of water – direct translation from Cantonese.

      After I told my friend this, they also tell me that they encountered the same thing. It is probably her telling you that you win a lot of money and want to transfer money to your account. She will ask for your account number and name. She does the transfer and you can see the transaction in your account. However the money is not actually deposited and you cannot withdraw it out.

      She will tell you that she accidentally over transfer or deposited her commission in. She will ask you to transfer back part of the money. If you fall for that, then your money will be gone.

      She can still revert back the amount transfer to you earlier. I am not sure how she can do that but until and unless you can withdraw the money. Never transfer back any money to any stranger.

      The above was told by my friend. So beware of SCAM.

      Published on April 21, 2010 · Filed under: Information;
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    One Response to “Suspected SCAM”

    1. Lady: Do you know how to speak mandarin? *in mandarin*

      I get this pretty often.
      My reaction: Immediately put down the phone ^-^