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    • Consumer Court – Maid Agency Case

      Here is the story, I was hearing this case while waiting for mine.

      It is a case against Maid Agency. Let’s name the person A. A engage a maid agency to get a maid to look after her baby and SIL baby. The agency provided her a maid. After working a few days, the maid said she don’t want to take care of baby. She ran away but A’s husband found her. A return her to the agency and ask for a replacement. In total, A paid more than 8K.

      Agency didn’t give her any maid and it is already 8 months. A insist that the maid the agency sent must have a passport which the previous maid didn’t have.

      Agency gave a lot of excuse saying that the approval process takes a long time, bla…bla…bla.
      Tuan President awarded A with 7K+, agency has to pay A back within 14 days.

      There you go, if you have any maid agency issue, you can bring it to consumer court.

      Published on May 13, 2010 · Filed under: Information;
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    One Response to “Consumer Court – Maid Agency Case”

    1. Most of us don’t bother to report..

      And the Agency is the one that makes the most out of things.