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    • 100 Cupcakes To Share

      I usually do not fancy ordering cupcakes because they are really costly. Well for the effort that the baker puts in, it is worth the price. However, I wonder how I can swallow such beautiful creation. I probably would want to keep it forever.

      Anyway, this year since Emily will be the final year she can have her birthday with her kindy, I thought of giving her and her school friends a good treat. Even if it burn a hole in my pocket.

      I surfed online for a cupcakes shop and found a few. I heard it is mostly done by the USM students. I like most of their creations. On which I liked, she was on hiatus. Well, I ordered the next best one. The person will provide free delivery to the school, it was great! I ordered 100 med size cupcakes.

      Today when all the children saw the lovely cupcakes, all eyes were excited. They were staring to see which one they would like to have. It is kind of difficult because too many different design. One disappointment was the upin & ipin figurine didn’t look like the cartoon character.

      Emily was excited and all her friend thanked her for the lovely cupcakes. It was worth the money to see so many children smile.

      Happy Birthday Emily!

      Published on June 5, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    11 Responses to “100 Cupcakes To Share”

    1. 100 cupcakes!! tats alot… can finish??? happy birthday to u n emily again!

    2. michelle said on

      Alicia: Her kindy has 80+ children. Some more got teachers.

    3. Happy Birthday Emily.

    4. Beautiful cupcakes! We’ll do anything (almost) jes to make our kids happy yeah. I’m sure Em had a memorable b’day celebration in kindy. How abt urs?

    5. I always thought she is still 4! Lucky kid!

    6. wow … very nice and pretty cupcakes … happy birthday Emily .. sure she the most hapi birthday girl lei .. 😛
      and u also make me wanna bake cupcake already 😛

    7. Hi Michele,
      Wow nice cupcakes. Can I know where you ordered the cupcakes from? My girl’s birthday is coming soon. I’m sure she will be very delighted to have them for her b’day! Thanks.

    8. Happy belated b’day to Emily. The cuppies look so pretty. How much were you charge per cuppy?

    9. 100 cupcakes…sooo many n sooooo lovely…
      Belated Blessed Birthday to you Emily….

    10. Wow, that’s a lot of cupcakes!!! Looks like a lot of people are into the cupcake business too ya? Anyway, thanks for the lead on cupcakes in Penang – no need to hunt next time for our birthdays 😉

    11. Lucky girl! So many cupcakes!