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      Finally I am back to work after a long holiday. Last week I was in 3 places/states, maybe 4 places. I was at Ipoh (Perak) for lunch, Cameron Highlands (Pahang) for Church camp, KL (WP) for visiting my parents & shopping and Melaka to taste the Kampung life. A lot of driving here and there.

      3N/4D in Cameron Highlands
      My children absolutely love it up there although there is no TV or swimming pool. Maybe it is the cool air there. I just love the scones and fresh vegetables there.

      We had a fun treasure hunt game organized by one of the camp committees. I tell you, I never walked so much in a day. I was walking up and down the street looking for answers. My team came in 2nd, one mark away from winning. Aiyahh…but it was good. One member went up the hill to find a funny looking chimney but the chimney was just on top of where we were standing, we need to go across the street to see it. In the end we did spot it after receiving a clue from the organizer.

      Every day, I had a least 1 plate of vegetables for meal until my motions were green. Of course, if you are up there, you cannot miss doing steam boat. We had steam boat at the final day wearing sarong.

      You must try the scones in T-Cafe in Tanah Rata, opposite the bus station. It is very delicious. Only strawberry fruity scones in Cameron. It goes well with hot tea…yummy! Both my children loved it!

      My kids wanted to pluck strawberry but most of the farm didn’t have much strawberry left. I just treat them strawberry ice-cream. Last day, I went to shop for vegetables. It was cheap, RM10 for 8 packs. I bought broccoli, cauliflower, brinjal, Japanese cucumber, pak choy, choy sum, Chinese lettuce and lots of corns. Corns were RM10 for 10. Since I was heading to KL, I cannot bring any back to Penang. I gave it to my mom and aunt’s family.

      Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!! Next post Melaka…

      Nutritious Food, most of it is vege:

      The Farm:

      Miserable Half Ripe Strawberry:

      More Food Choices That Goes With Strawberry, my friend said, you should try the green butterhead juice.

      More Plants:

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    1. NO nice huh? fruity scones and fresh strawberry jam and clotted cream (but these days, they don’t use clotted cream, they just use the cream spray which is very chemical tasting).