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    • Melaka – 1N/2D

      We drove 2 hours to Melaka visiting Michelle Soo and her family. It was great to meet all her lovely kids. We went fishing and rambutan plucking at her place. They caught 5 fish, one kept and the rest returned back to the pond, too small to be cooked. Too bad no durians fall on the ground for us to feast. We also tasted all the delicious nyonya food cooked by her MIL. Her MIL is just a good cook.

      When Emily & Clarissa meet, here is what they said in one of the conversations. It was after Emily came out from her shower.

      Clarissa: You look pretty without your glasses.

      Emily: You look adorable (chubby) without yours.

      Aren’t they cute?

      Enjoy the pictures! Next stop KL…

      Famous Chicken Ball Rice and Pancake

      Lovely Place To Stay:

      The ride. After much negotiation, the trishaw lady charged RM5 for a short ride for my kids.

      A Farmosa

      Sukma Deco

      Published on June 15, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting, Travel;

    4 Responses to “Melaka – 1N/2D”

    1. i bn to melaka so many time due to my project , but everytime i had no chance to try out the Chicken Ball Rice …:( …..

    2. such a great holiday …..

    3. Her house is so nice and big……..

      Shiok la..

      And the kids.. sooo cute.. with their no glasses compliments.

    4. so nice hor to stay in Miche’s place (plus all the homecook Nyonya food!)