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    • Her Birthday Gift

      My gal has been asking me to purchase a pair of skates of her months before her birthday. I saw a pair that comes with protecting gear like helmet, wrist cap and knee cap. It was selling from RM199 at ToyRus but I didn’t get it. I thought it will be more exciting for her to get it on the day of her birthday.

      In the evening of her birthday, we went to ToyRus, she was very excited. She tried it on and grinning ear to ear. It was on sale too with RM20 discount, plus I got some vouchers for it. Last week, they send me some more vouchers but I have nothing to buy.

      If you are interested in getting RM30 voucher for RM25, let me know.

      Now she is practicing at home, holding on to something. I hope she will learn how to skate. Then I will take her to the rink and skate with her. Isn’t that cool?

      Published on June 18, 2010 · Filed under: Parenting;

    2 Responses to “Her Birthday Gift”

    1. So pink!!!!!!
      Durable or not the skates, like so toy like.

    2. she look soooo coool ….
      how come you can get sooo many vouchers?